About Us!

Photos of the Hudson Valley courtesy of my brother Thomas DePaolis 
Hudson Valley Vinyls LLC was a concept created last summer on Lake Mohawk during a major multi-day crafting session with one of my favorite Esty Shop owners and a creative friend. The theory was developed from my personal needs, wants, desires and lack of local quality suppliers.
After spending a good part of the week trying to find somewhere in driving distance to buy supplies, it was then I knew what the next chapter of my life would look like.

We work with local schools and sports teams. We are also your local source for all your promotional product needs.
Hudson Valley Vinyls Does not sell end products decorated with vinyl.
We are not in direct competition with the customers we serve.
Our goals for success starts with your success.
Hudson Valley Vinyls LLC affiliations include:
Sage # 249964
PPAI# 783606

Hudson Valley Vinyls is LLC 100% woman-owned & operated here in the beautiful Hudson River Valley!