CAD-CUT Patterns - 20" High Magic Mask

CAD-CUT Patterns - 20" High Magic Mask

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Magic Mask® - High Tack

for use with patterned HTV

  • 20x12 sheet
  • Aggressive, high tack
  • Perfect as a carrier for thicker fabrics
  • High tack helps masking of detailed print/cut designs
  • Great as a backing for store-bought fabric for use with your vinyl cutter

Masking Process for Printable Heat Transfer Material
  • Step 1: Remove mask from liner.

    Step 2: Position mask over weeded design. Use a squeegee to eliminate air bubbles.

    Step 3: Remove design from carrier by pulling at a 90 degree angle.

    Step 4: Place masked design back on liner until ready to heat apply.

    Tip: Save the protective mask liner sheet to cover and protect cut design.

    Masking Process for Fabric

    Step 1: Cut fabric to fit mask.

    Step 2: Lay fabric, adhesive side up, on flat surface.

    Step 3: Remove protective sheet liner from mask. The liner is a thin sheet of plastic that covers the adhesive side of the mask.

    Step 4: Lay mask out onto fabric, adhesive side to adhesive side.

    Step 5: Feed into flatbed or vinyl cutter.

    Step 6: Set cutting specs on your cutter.

    Step 7: Cut design in "Positive Mode" - do not mirror image.

    Step 8: When ready for use, remove graphic from mask and lay out for digitizing or sewing.

    Tip: High Tack Magic Mask is reusable for approximately 10-15 uses. Simply remove unused fabric from the mask, lay down a new piece of fabric, and repeat steps 4-8.

Bulk Pricing Available by Request.